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Hi all! Hitched Magazine here and we’re back with our second monthly guest blog post with our latest thoughts on wedding styles and trends.

This month we’re all about flowers. Actually, we’re probably all about flowers every month; we seriously can’t get enough of them. But today, we’ve decided to go into a little extra detail for all you BWA readers.

If you’ve grabbed a copy of the current issue of Hitched Magazine (or even any of our previous issues for that matter), you’ll find that its jam packed with lush florals. It’s no secret that we think there should always be fresh blooms at every wedding and in every home.

So where do you begin?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at how to style your big day, flowers are always the best place to start. Even just a simple bunch in the centre of each table can be all you need for it to look super effective and sweet. Beautiful, fresh blooms really do speak for themselves.

Hitched Magazine is all about encouraging you to incorporate your own unique style and individuality as a couple into your wedding. So when choosing flowers, be true to your own style.

‘But, Hitched Magazine…how do I go about choosing from the endless amounts of stunning flowers’, we hear you say? Our advice is to think about the overall theme for the day. Is it a large, grandeur wedding or small backyard party? Match the flowers to the overall feel. So here are some things to think about:

Do you want large, statement blooms? Or something a little more subtle and refined?

Make a statement with a dramatic, large arrangement.

Or a few simple blooms arranged in a clean, linear vessel.

And what about colour? Are you going to opt for a bright and bold palette?

Or maybe a singular, block colour is more your style?

Or even the very on-trend, pastels.

We also love playing with shape and texture. While we can appreciate the beauty of a fresh bunch of roses or lilies alone, experimenting with flowers is fun and can (if done correctly) result in something entirely unique.

But just don’t just concentrate your efforts and budget on bouquets and table arrangements. Think floral head crowns…worn across the head of your and your maids in a gradient of colours too.

You could even use handmade floral garlands, strung over the head-table.

Lately we’ve also been seeing couples incorporate and build fresh flowers into their wedding cake…they’re a much nicer alternative to sugar flowers.

Now we know this may seem like common sense, but we’re going to say it anyway… but, think seasonally!

There’s no point getting your hopes up for peonies in May. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. And if you’re going to entrust a floral stylist with your flowers, have a good think about what you want beforehand.

Rip out some of your favourite concepts from magazines and take them with you. It makes the meeting so much easier and ensures you get what you want when everyone is on the same page. It might also spark some amazing ideas in your florist’s brilliant mind!

Our only advice would be to choose a florist who you really, really trust!


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    Pretty pretty pretty

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    LOve the pink roses and the arrangement in the tall vase

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    Some gorgeous arrangements

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    I adore the pink roses

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    Pastels flowers are so romantic and divine!

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    Love the purple arrangement.

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    Love flowers … So beautiful…

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    Ohh these photos are just so beautiful!

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    So gorgeous!

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