The 7 Best Lip Plumpers You Need To Try


Loathe as we all are to admit it, we secretly love the duck face, and hope every lip gloss purchase will take us a step closer to the beauty Holy Grail that is the Kylie Jenner pout. If, like us, you’re exhausted with buying promising lip plumpers that result in nothing more than five minutes of tingling, we have good news. We’ve tried and tested lip plumpers from across the board and selected the perfect 7 to present to you.

Click through for 7 of the best lip plumpers for that perfect pillowy pout…

best lip plumpers 1

#1 Too Face Lip Injection Extreme ($40)

While the immediate results on this lip plumper are not overwhelming, the serum’s long-term benefits are a thing of wonders. Used day and night, Too Face Lip Injection Extreme will build the perfect pout. 

Buy it at Mecca

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