Behind The Scenes: Uscari Accessories!

Uscari’s designer Krystel Davis has teamed up with the incredibly talented New Zealand based artist and designer Maxine Parkin-Jones again for RAFW 2011. This unique collaboration of joined forces began with the creation of dramatic head pieces for Uscari’s debut collection show at RAFW in 2010.

BWA has an exclusive behind the scenes peep at the amazing new accessories to accompany the collection to be shown at this year’s show. The collection, entitled “Sequence of Light”  sees reality contrasted within the world of the mind whilst still complimenting the raw, organic aesthetic of Uscari’s summer line.

The incredible coupling of the two designers creations creates a unique synergy. The pieces are truly gravity defying in a range of chunky copper cuffs, turbans, earrings and necklaces. Every single piece is individually handcrafted and as a result is completely one-off.

Our favorite piece would have to be the incredible copper ring, which I wish we could have worn home!

Check out some snaps of the pieces below- stay tuned for more behind the scenes action!

All images property of courtesy of Tash Williams.

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