What Is Medical Sheepskin And How Is It Used?

what is medical sheepskin

When people suffer from pressure skin injuries, they can be painful and cause immense discomfort. Most of these develop when a person has to sit down or lay down for a long period of time due to illness or some other reason.

Pressure sores and other issues mainly occur on the tailbone, ankles, hips and heels. problems such as bedsores require regular cleaning, antibiotics and barrier creams, but these are only helpful to a limited extent.

One effective treatment for painful skin conditions is high quality medical sheepskin with woollen fibres still attached to it. If you’re keen to learn more about this helpful product, here’s everything you need to know.

What is medical sheepskin?

As the name implies, medical sheepskin is a completely natural product which is obtained from a sheep after shearing. It’s tanned by professional tanners while ensuring the skin contains the wool. It’s a value-added product rather than a by-product and it’s available in pad designs, which easily adjust to any body area.

How does it work?

Several medical institutions have found that medical sheepskin is effective against sores in clinical trials, mainly because of its breathability. The woollen fibres encourage sufficient airflow while ensuring sweat evaporation, keeping it cool and dry, thus reducing bacterial growth and multiplication.

Sheepskin can help to reduce the pressure, friction and moisture on the affected areas, primarily responsible for causing uncomfortable wounds. Once you place it on a particular body area, it removes the pressure on that part and distributes the weight equally throughout the body.

What makes medical sheepskin better than other fabrics?

Most people prefer using medical sheepskin versus other fabrics because the woollen fibres are soft, springy and friendly to the skin and don’t cause irritation or discomfort.

You can buy them for a particular area affected by the wound, including the elbows, toes and heels. Some people also use it as therapeutic paddings, such as seat pads on wheelchairs to support them if they sit for long hours.

If your doctor has prescribed a cast after an injury, you can even use these instead. The standard casts are rough because they contain fibreglass or plaster, which irritate the skin, often leading to abrasions. Elbow protectors are suitable for people with sensitive skin who must wear casts for long periods.

The proper way to wash medical sheepskin

Medical sheepskin should be washed with wool-approved detergents or conditioners, or you can get them dry cleaned. It’s better to dry them naturally than use dryers because it tends to alter the product’s quality.

Machine washing is another option but avoid using detergents while using this method. The water temperature should be cool to mildly warm (never hot), and you should never iron or bleach this material as it will damage the fibers permanently.

Things to check before buying a medical sheepskin

Before buying a sheepskin, you should consider details such as the brand – it’s better to buy these from reputable manufacturers since they provide quality and authentic products.

You should also consider its features. For example, if you’re buying elbow straps, check if they have adjustable velcro securing straps and if they come in pairs.

Does it come in various sizes? Some sheepskins are suitable for all users, irrespective of their size. However others come in standard and regular sizes. Be sure to choose the right one for you.

Also factor in the cost. The cost of the item naturally depends on which skin pad you buy. A product meant for the heels usually cost around $135, while closed-toe ones might be more in the vicinity of $170. Elbow pads are around $115.

You should always check reviews too. Reading customer testimonials is a reliable way of knowing the product’s quality and how it helped people just like you.

Last but not least, check to see that the item comes with a warranty. For peace or mind, you should buy sheepskin pads with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you unfortunately receive a faulty one, it’s good to know you can get it swapped over to a new one immediately.

In summary

You should use a medical sheepskin to treat bedsores, pressure sores and other similar conditions caused by lying or sitting for long periods. These products absorb moisture and prevent bacterial growth while providing maximum comfort.

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