USCARI Guest Blog: Aloha- With Love

Krystel Davis, designer of USCARI took a trip to Hawaii to discover the untapped, design-provoking paradise. Be inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian sights, full of sunsets and palm trees and enjoy Krystel’s photo diary plus a little of what we can expect from USCARI in 2012! For everything happening in the USCARI world head to the blog here.

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Aloha- With Love.

Putting pen to paper to start prep for 2012 autumn winter collection, I drew knowing I wanted to design from within cultures this season. Working closely with local people, using indigenous resources whilst respecting cultural heritage was where my revelation was leading me.

However, the methods and materials I was going to use needed to be stirred by a real experience.

Many other places claim to be paradise, but when Hawaii says so, everyone actually believes it. Made up entirely of islands I knew it would be a memorable and design-provoking voyage….
As a result this decadent and fragmented landscape of lost-like jungles, cascading waterfalls and pristine oceanfronts became my blueprint for Autumn 2012.

I think I can now identify myself as a designer who creates through textiles, allowing my surrounds to converse with me and therefore igniting a collection that is rooted in organic comportment.

Aloha – Autumn 2012
K x

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