Maye Musk: The 70 Year Old Model of the Moment

maye musk 5
Maye Musk – a model of 55 years, a dietitian of 46 years and the mother of Tesla and Space X Founder and billionaire, Elon Musk. She is one of a kind. Musk says she has never feared ageing. Her advice is to always think about the big picture, and be open to trying new avenues always.

Maye Musk is ethereal. With cropped white hair, impossibly blue eyes and glowing skin, she is our favourite Covergirl. In fact, she is one of the most in demand models in the world. She is 70 years of age, and she isn’t letting that slow her down.

Maye Musk did not have the average childhood. Her father had a passion for planes and her early years were spent flying over the Kalahari dessert in Nambia. It is this adventure, alongside her tree-filled backyard that she remembers most fondly from her childhood.

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