Is Kombucha The Answer To Your Sugar Cravings?

Whether you’re someone with a rampant sweet tooth or you simply enjoy a sneaky sweet sensation every now and again, the need for sweet flavours hits us all at one point or another.

If it’s a morning sweet fix, or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up you reach for, it’s not always easy to find something to satiate those sweet cravings without making you feel guilty afterwards!

That’s why we’re all for products designed to give you that satisfying sweet high, without the worry of consuming oodles of sugar. And if the product (in this case Kombucha) also boasts extra nutritional benefits, we’re ready to try.

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Not familiar with Kombucha?

Simply, Kombucha is a fermented sweet (green) tea. (Stick with us here!) From a basis of green tea, SCOBY is added (stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and the tea begins to ferment. After the chemistry unfolds, a sparkling, nutritious and living Kombucha drink results. 

The team behind OK Kombucha have developed a way to blend the product that is organic Kombucha with beautiful, drinkable flavours that fix your sweet cravings, without the sugar.

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Our favourite flavours include: Hibiscus and Lime, Lemonade, as well as Ginger and Turmeric. In addition to an ‘original’ flavour, OK Kombucha have just developed a Cola and Lime variety for those wanting a much healthier alternative to their favourite cola drinks.

There is a lot of science and craftsmanship behind Kombucha, resulting in a drink that is refined in taste, unique, luxurious and approachable.

Main benefits of Kombucha?

As the Kombucha ferments, the living culture consumes all the sugar, leaving you with a living soda packed with probiotics. Probiotics are the amazing living cultures that promote gut health. And if you haven’t heard the benefits of gut health, it is essentially the centre of the body, housing over 70% of your body’s immune cells.

Interested to try?

We have teamed up with our friends at OK Kombucha to offer you 10% off their Kombucha range. (RRP price only, and applicable to OK Organic Kombucha products only.)

To shop the range click here, and apply DISCOUNT CODE: breakfastwithaudrey at checkout.


We were sent products to review, so check back for our feedback shortly.

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