How Your Eyebrows Can Make You Look Younger


The Power of the Brow — Final Tips

Tip #1 – Your brows must suit you – if they don’t, get them shaped by a professional.

Tip #2 – Trim any extra long hairs (ideally get a professional to do this).

Tip #3 – Always check your brows from the side (use a second mirror to make sure you have a super fine sharp finish to your brows).

Tip #4 – Match your brow pencil to your brow hair colour, not your desired hair colour (the difference would be too obvious). If you are particularly brow savvy, also buy a brow pencil that is one shade lighter. I start lighter at the inner part of the brow, and then go darker as I move out. If you want your brows noticeably darker, you can use a darker pencil, but also use a matching brow mascara, so you can colour your lighter brow hairs to match the pencil.

Tip #5 – If you lighten the colour of your head hair colour, consider lightening your brows, by a professional.

Tip #6 – Get some brow mascaras – these are amazing for temporarily lightening or darkening the brow.

Tip #7 – Don’t wax your brows on the day of an important event – it removes a layer of skin and this makes it impossible for foundation and eye shadow to stick (if you’re desperate, consider ‘threading’ by a professional as this doesn’t remove your skin).

Tip #8 – To keep looking younger, shorten the length of your brow. One of the signs of ageing is sunken temples, so if our brows are too long, they draw attention to this area.

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