How To Bring The Wild West Into Your Wardrobe With Wrangler

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When it comes to staying fashionable, it used to be about how stylish we could look in particular clothing pieces. But lately, as our lives and priorities have undergone considerable changes, style AND comfort have become key.

Not surprisingly, this shift has trickled down into the trends that we see on the street and in social media. And no, we’re not talking about active wear.

A perfect example of a trend that combines both comfort and looks is western-style! This age-old trend has made its way back into the hearts and wardrobes of many around the globe… and what’s not to love about it?

While ‘western style’ was originally born out of necessity (it was adopted by men doing farm work and manual jobs in America in the 1800s), it didn’t take long for it to evolve into a fashion trend in its own right. Soon enough, women too were sporting their own versions of western wear. Practical, durable, and suitable for wearing all year ’round, this rural style of dressing then made its way into the cities for everyone to enjoy.

Even though a great deal has changed in terms of manufacturing, designs, and the choice of fabrics over the years, the western outfits of today still embody the traditional appeal of country outfits of two centuries ago. It’s safe to say that the western look is a fashion trend that transcends time.

If you’d like to change up your wardrobe with some country-inspired pieces, you wouldn’t be wrong in choosing classic Wrangler clothes that are known for their craftmanship and rugged charm. Since 1947 Wrangler has become synonymous with everything denim, however they are also known for producing quality button-down shirts, T-shirts, blouses, hoodies, jackets, vests and eye-catching accessories. 

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Wrangler – a Western Wear Staple

Wrangler isn’t your typical brand that’s become popular just recently – it’s an American icon that’s loved all around the world for their incredible denim pieces that are durable and flattering. After all, they didn’t design the official jean of Rodeo Cowboys Association of the USA based on nothing.

The comfort, as well as the tough resistance to wear and tear, was the basis for the creation of other types of jeans. The Wrangler jeans range has grown to include various straight jeans, bootcut stretch jeans, slim fit jeans, high rise flare jeans, and the ultra-modern mum jeans, skinny jeans, and dress jeans.

And given that the brand is all about authenticity, all Wrangler clothes still have the same quality they did back in the old days.  Committed to offering timeless designs, most of their pieces are still entirely made of cotton, with a small mix with polyester and elastane for an extra dose of stretchiness and comfort to make them perfect for all-day wear.

Role Models in Sustainability

It’s no secret the denim industry has a high impact on the environment, especially in terms of water consumption and pollution from dyes. But thanks to brands like Wrangler, you can be assured they have implemented advanced technologies allowing them to stay as sustainable as possible. 

Unlike the many gallons of water that go to waste making a single pair of jeans the traditional way, adopting the brand’s ingenious Indiegood foam-dyeing process makes it possible to cut down on the energy and water waste by more than 60%. Add to this, their initiative to reduce cotton waste by using up to 28% of recycled cotton in their ICONS range, and you get top notch designs that are great great for the environment too. 

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How to get the Western look with Wrangler

Not wanting to go fully cowboy or cowgirl? No Problem. Take heed of the following pieces of advice.

One Piece at a Time

If you’re worried about appearing tacky or flashy, stick to western basics such as jeans. Choose from any of the cuts and styles that Wrangler offers, from classic rodeo, to bootcut and straight leg jeans, to on-trend mum and slim jeans, and more.

Besides the comfortable fit and great styling – and the fact they won’t sag even after you put them through a great deal of wear and tear, Wrangler jeans are bound to provide your outfits with an instant country flair.

Another upside to choosing your perfect pairs of jeans is how easy they are to style with other favourite wardrobe pieces, like an everyday blazer jacket. Then, as you gain confidence dabbling with the style, you can start adding more country clothes into your outfits.

Or, if you’d rather adopt country looks via accessories, then there’s no shortage of western-style leather belts, leather handbags, and leather wallets to choose from.

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Mix It Up with Urban

One of the easiest ways you can bring western wear into your wardrobe is by mixing it up with your everyday urban outfits. For example, a classic western shirt can go nicely with a sleek leather legging, or teamed with seasonal jeans and modern sneakers. Or why not combine a cowboy boot with a summer dress? Take inspiration from celebrities, movies and your favourite influencers when looking for ways to bring the wild west into your wardrobe.

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