BWA Chats To…Cassie, Designer Of Caslazur

First off, tell us how Caslazur was born.

I started CASLAZUR during the final semester of my Masters in fine Art. I have always loved fashion and textiles, but rarely found anything that had a print that I liked. I decided to design my own textiles, for scarves that would be like wearable artworks. I had such a great response to the scarves I thought ‘why stop there!’ So I branched out into prints I could use to turn comfy basics into glamorous pieces. I think it’s the combination of easy-to-wear basics with knock-your-socks-off prints, which is our winning formula!

How does your formal education in Architecture influence your designs and aesthetic?

The strongest influence Architecture had on me was the importance of concept in design. With every new project I start, I find one really strong concept which totally excites me and then I go crazy taking photos, doing drawings and building up a visual language of that concept. This is the exact same process I would use when designing a building, only the next step is expressing the concept through fabric and patterns rather than built elements.

I also loved studying bridges and the technical elements of structures. I think you can see that in the way I piece my textile designs together. I am always focused on expressing the concept of a collection through the way one element meets another like should they be lightly touching or deeply routed in each other… these architectural considerations have a big impact on the overall look of a print.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

I have always been fascinated by exotic cultures and mythology and their aesthetic. I love to look back at history to discover the creatures or gods which ancient cultures both worshipped and feared.
I love the definitive markings and signature style that cultures develop whether it is the scratchy lines of Voodoo, or the unique writing of Mayan hieroglyphs. I feel most satisfied when my textiles seem like they discover a lost culture… like Anthropological design!

I also draw on nature for colour inspiration and the inner workings of animals and plants. The more grotesque the better… I am obsessed with everything from gory organs to the tiniest organisms.

How different is the South African fashion scene from Australia?

South Africa is a total mixing pot of cultures so there is always tons of different and exciting things happening at once. This results in a hugely varied range of design styles in one place. I think Australia has a more developed sense of style, here you can really tell what is trending,  and it is really accessible to the girls on the street which is amazing.

I think both places are great because they encourage up and coming designers to give it a go. Every designer wants to be on the runways of New York, London and Paris, but starting on your own turf can really give you the chance to make mistakes, and discover who you are along the way.

Some of your favorite fashion labels are…

I have so many! In Australia I love Camilla, and Zimmerman. South African labels Amanda Laird Cherry and Catherine Deane are gorgeous. But my all time favorite is Gucci for the classic cuts and luxury finish.

Creatively who are your role models?

Sass and Bide are two woman who really inspire me. The way they created something amazing from nothing, and still maintained their original identity gives me the courage to be true to my own design aesthetic and keep the faith that other people will love what I do!

If you could have breakfast with anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

That is a tough one, I don’t think I know myself well enough! I have to choose two… I would love to meet Andy Warhol and have breakkie at the Factory in New York City. But for girly reasons I would choose Ryan Gosling… and I would wear a white dress just in case!!



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