10 Of Sydney’s Best Rooftop Bars For Summer!


The bar scene in Sydney is pretty hard to beat, providing a renowned selection of places that has our weekend after weekend sorted. But there’s something about rooftop bars in the summer that make the experience a whole lot better  – it might have something to do with your spritzer being accompanied with skyline views and the sunshine on your skin.

Get your friends, outfits and wallets ready as we’ve got 10 must-visit rooftop bars in Sydney you need to try now!


Credit: http://www.hotelpalisade.com/

Henry Deane (Millers Point)

Occupying the rooftop area of Hotel Palisade in Millers Point, Henry Deane is nothing but a high class venue. While no one will deny you a crisp cider you’ll quickly notice everyone is indulging in the cocktails on offer.

The small venue can get quite full but if you don’t mind waiting a little or getting in early to access the best views of our pretty city then it’s perfect!

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