Audrey Hepburn: A Deer Named Pippin

This week, we celebrate the unusual and beautiful bond that Audrey Hepburn had with creatures great and small.

Audrey is most well known for her love for her pet baby deer, Pippin. When the screen siren was filming the 1959 Green Mansions, directed by husband at the time Mel Ferrer, the animal trainer on set for the film suggested that she take her on-screen sidekick, a baby deer, home with her so that he would bond with her (lets all remember this was 1959 and animal rights were not a focus..these days no baby deer would be taken away from a mother in this way).

The baby deer imprinted on Hepburn, in part due to her well known love and care for animals. Nicknamed ‘Ip’, the deer would cuddle Audrey in bed and accompany her to the supermarket and even slept in a custom-made bathtub.

Says Bob Willoughby, a photographer on set, in Remembering Audrey  (his novel) “It was truly amazing to see Audrey with that fawn,…while Audrey’s maid had been told about the little deer, she could not believe her eyes seeing Ip sleeping with Audrey so calmly. She was shaking her head and just kept smiling.”

Audrey also had a darling little Yorkshire Terrier but has been snapped with all manner of lovely animals over the years.


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    The baby deer is adorable

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    Ah cute!

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