A Week in the Life of Otto Mode: Friday

A look into day 5 of the life of fashion label Otto Mode

This morning we got up bright and early (well, the day was bright – we were a little dull with tiredness) and headed into the office to pick up more stock for the weekend. Inevitably, we got roped into the usual tasks of fit modelling and email-checking but eventually, we got away and headed to Moore Park. The day started off slowly and continued at a snail’s pace until 6pm-ish when the after-work crowd started to arrive. Luckily for us, this meant one thing – shopping time! We were each able to explore the hall and see what the other designers had to offer. Some might call this leisure time, we call it research. We were such dedicated researchers in fact that we even went so far as to buy some products. (Yeah, we love our job).

As soon as I found a $220 Shona Joy dress discounted to $40 I knew my Friday the 13th would be anything but unlucky. I also grabbed an adorable nightie and we all decided we loved a Lovable underwear set too much not to get it. Four pairs of bras and knickers later, things started to pick up and we were back to the hectic pace of Thursday night.

Britt and Shelley chatted to accessories designer, Naomi Levi who told the story of how she got to where she is today. When she was young, her mum was sick and tired of one of her old handbags so Naomi cut it up and effectively redesigned it. Once all her friends saw her mum’s new bag, she was inundated with requests for unique designs and the rest is history.

While the weekend begins for everyone else, our work is only half done. Britt and I have our alarms set for an early start tomorrow for set-up and re-stocking and are expecting a pretty busy Saturday (followed by a fashionable night on the town, of course). BWA readers, thank you for joining the OTTO MODE team this week as we prepared for and experienced the highs and lows of Fashion Weekend. Even though we may whinge from time to time, it’s manic weeks like this that remind us why we do what we do and why we couldn’t work in any other industry. See you at Moore Park!

Love the OTTO MODE girls xx

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