How To Wear A Brooch, The Modern Way

how to wear a brooch
No longer reserved for grandmamas and vintage clothing lovers, the brooch is back. Today the brooch is spotted on an array of chic and classy outfits, and it’s the perfect accessory to elevate and bring elegance to any ensemble.

Whether dotted onto a lapel, adding attitude to a leather jacket, scattered around collars, or clipped onto a beret, brooches are a truly stylish way to add individualism and creativity to your look.

While most other jewellery is worn only in the way it’s intended, there are several uniquely modern ways to wear brooches to match your personal style. With the cooler weather on our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to jump on the trend and give this piece of jewellery a try.

For inspiration on wearing brooches the modern way, keep reading!

how to wear brooches

#1 – Style your outerwear

Brooches are the perfect ornament to add flair and customisation to your outerwear. From simple and classic to elaborate and eccentric, adding a brooch to your outerwear is an unexpected way to take your outfit to the next level.

Whether you opt for something boldly designer or go for something with a little bling like this from Boho, a brooch looks especially stunning on a coat or blazer. They’re an easy way to dress up a sweater or a denim jacket also!

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