4 Of The Best Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments For Noticeable Results

People have always wanted to look as young as they feel and they’ve opted for all the beautifying procedures the plastic surgery industry has to offer. But as the plastic surgery industry develops, there are many less-invasive procedures being introduced that can create amazing results.

Given that these newer, less drastic procedures leave no marks and are less damaging, patients tend to be more inclined to undertake them. If you’re curious to know what these non-invasive cosmetic procedures can do, and what their advantages are compared to the more traditional ones, keep reading.

#1 – Reduce Damaged or Sagging Skin

Nowadays you can more easily tighten your skin with ultrasound skin tightening procedures that help keep it firm. These are non-invasive, and their effects last for at least 6 months (up to a year in some cases). This procedure is ideal for the skin on your arms, abdomen, neck, face and upper thighs. Ultrasound skin tightening can also be used to tackle cellulite. After the treatment, you may notice some swelling on the treated areas of skin and mild tenderness to the touch for a couple of more weeks.

#2 – Reshape Your Nose Non-Surgically

You might have seen the before and afters already on Instagram, but there’s a popular new nose reshaping procedure that is slowly making rhinoplasty a thing of the past. Deftly applied dermal fillers are now standing in for the complex and invasive rhinoplasty procedure to subtly change the shape of your nose.

Dermal fillers can correct a flat bridge, can correct the symmetry of the nose and can create balance for the nose in comparison with other facial features.

This type of procedure is ideal for those that have more minor nose irregularities, since they can easily be corrected with dermal fillers. If the irregularities are greater, or a more dramatic change is requested, then this is where rhinoplasty comes in.

The cost of dermal fillers in the nose varies depending on your expected result, but you can expect a starting point of around $700 in Australia.

#3 – Wrinkle Prevention

Anti-wrinkle injections are the go-to of many people who want to prevent the signs of ageing, or at least preserve their youthful aspect for a little while longer. Anti-wrinkle injections are based on the botulinum toxin, otherwise more famously known as Botox. First sweeping through Hollywood in the 1990’s, anti-wrinkle injections have since taken the world by storm.

The effect of injections can last up to 3-4 months, but you can repeat the procedure at any time for extra effects. The treatment itself is not overly painful since the needles are very fine and only break the surface of the skin. You can treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, and any other area of the face and neck that you want to see smoothed out. Depending on how active your muscles are, you will need a varying number of botox units. A single unit might cost $12-$15, and for the forehead, for example, you’ll need around 10 to 20 units.

Practitioners do advise against getting anti-wrinkle injections too soon, such as in teenage years as a preventive measure, however from the 20’s and beyond it’s perfectly feasible.

#4 – Treat Face Volume Loss

Over time, our collagen production decreases. That means that our face loses the youthful quality of plumpness. Thankfully, dermal fillers can somewhat combat this effect by supplementing our skin with hyaluronic acid and stimulating collagen production.

As volume is restored in your face through collagen injections, you’ll also notice how wrinkles tend to become finer. You can use dermal fillers to treat areas such as corners of the mouth, chin, jowls and jawline, cheeks or for an all over facelift. Depending on the dermal fillers you use, the effects can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years.

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