Garden Wedding: This Is What To Wear This Season!


We’re all probably familiar with the lacklustre fashion moments that coincide with wedding season. From having nothing to wear to turning up in the wrong dress code (whatever they are), we’ve all been there. The truth is, weddings are tricky and we don’t mean the constant battle between waterproof mascara and whether your Kate Spade clutch has room for tissues. We mean the unforgettable fashion moments that weasel their way in.

This season, we’re racing toward sample sales, fashion nights out and department stores alike, in a bid to get our hands on the best possible wedding-approved ensembles – without the unintended “what is she wearing” subtext.

In this series, we’ve compiled the ultimate code for wedding-wear – as per an array of alternative settings, seasons and trends.

Buckle up ladies, we’re about to decipher what to wear to a ‘Garden Wedding‘ in an instant!

what to wear to a garden wedding

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