The 4 Things To Look For When Shopping For Sunglasses

how to choose the right sunglasses
Whether you’re heading out for a walk, a trip to the beach, or just driving your car, there’s one thing you can almost never leave home without: sunglasses. But not all sunglasses will protect your eyes the way you expect them to. Here, we explain.

Shopping for designer sunglasses is without a doubt one of the favourite pastimes of fashionable women the world over, but it can also be a minefield. From deciding which designer to go for, to working out which shape and style is most flattering, and then – what trend to follow, the considerations are endless!

But did you know that you should also be considering comfort and eye health when choosing sunglasses? While aesthetics are definitely important, you also need to make sure that you are buying the right level of protection to shield your eyes across a range of day to day activities.

And if you’ve ever shopped for prescription glasses online, you’ll know that this can be even more difficult. But help is now available, with the Lenscanner app. This handy technology scans your existing glasses and sends you your prescription details free of charge. Genius.

If you’re not sure what you should be looking for when buying your next pair of glasses, keep reading for the most important factors you need to consider.

how to choose the right sunglasses

#1 – Comfort

Comfort is above all. Wearing sunglasses that are too tight or too wide will drive you crazy, so take the time to try out different styles and shapes before choosing the perfect one. Don’t just get sucked into choosing a pair that you hope will feel O.K when you’re completely stationery. Take note of measurements provided to ensure that the pair you buy will fit your face properly.

#2 – Protection

Let’s get back to basics and remember that one of the main reasons we need sunglasses is to protect our eyes. What you may not know is that the UV coating on sunglasses is transparent, so darker coloured lenses don’t always provide the best protection which you’d imagine. Instead, UV protection is broken down into four categories ranging from 0 to 4.

  • UV 0 lenses let 80-100% of ultraviolet light through and do next to nothing to protect your eyes.
  • UV 2 lenses pass 18-43% of ultraviolet light and provide sufficient protection on cloudy days.
  • UV 3 lenses pass 8-18% of UV light and are considered an ideal UV index for everyday use.
  • UV 4 lenses only pass 3-8% of UV light and are considered only suitable for high altitude activities in the water.

#3 – Durability

Durability is an essential factor to consider when choosing sunglasses for any occasion, but especially if you plan to do any robust activities like sport, or go travelling. Paying a bit extra for higher quality goes a long way in ensuring that your sunglasses last more than a few wears. Whether you take them to the beach, on a run or throw them into your handbag, a good pair, with sturdy metal or plastic or acetate frames, should be able to withstand some wear and tear.

#4 – Polarisation

If there’s one thing that’s frequently overlooked about sunglasses, it’s polarisation. Polarised lenses eliminate glare and enhance colour contrasts, making them a perfect choice for outdoor activities, especially in snow or water.

If finding a good pair of polarised sunglasses is important to you, it’s worth doing some research to find out which brands do them best and use the most top-rated technologies. For example, Maui Jim’s is a brand known for its exclusive coloured lens technology that eliminates 99.8% of glare. They also come in a range of classic and on-trend styles that look as good as they feel.

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