Rae Morris’s Key Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger


“Ageing is part of life, but how we do it, both in terms of how we feel and look, is up to us!” – Rae Morris. 

If you’d like to turn the clock back a few years with a few simple makeup tricks, (who wouldn’t?), then the following tips from expert makeup artist Rae Morris are sure to come in handy.

Read on for Rae’s easy corrective measures which will help even the most genetically-blessed look more youthful!  


According to Rae:

There is just so much you can do with makeup to optimise the way you look – not only to correct the signs of ageing but to enhance your best features. At the end of the day, it is about you feeling as good about yourself as you possibly can – being confident in your appearance affects how you feel about yourself and therefore the way you face the world.

With age, there are some changes which are common to all of us. And there are some which are specific and dependent on genetics, lifestyle and environment.

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