Rachel Bilson Talks ShoeMint

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Rachel Bilson chats about her collaboration with Steve Madden for Shoe Mint. 

The idea is similar to the Olsen’s StyleMint only with Rachel and shoes.

For around $80 a pop the price is actually pretty decent and from what you can peep in the video, the styles are pretty amazing!

While we unlucky Australians can’t get our hands on the shoes the normal way, I’m sure that these will be popping up all over Ebay, so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. jessicawheelock 3 years ago

    I freakin love what she’s wearing in the video!

  2. shell0606 3 years ago

    This is just amazing

  3. UNoPoo 3 years ago

    Hope it ships here eventually.

  4. tessarella 3 years ago

    Loving some of these styles

  5. kirstar14287 3 years ago

    She is so gorgeous!

  6. jenniekellett 3 years ago

    she is so beautiful, jealous!!

  7. Tessa 3 years ago

    such a beauty.

  8. ariannewitt 3 years ago

    amazing collaboration xx

  9. chocolatelace 3 years ago

    what shame that aussies miss out!

  10. holly vals 3 years ago

    There are US mail forwarding services that give you a US postal address and then send to Aus

  11. mmiiaa 3 years ago

    ohhh!!! she’s so pretty!!! <3 <3

  12. ppennylane
    ppennylane 3 years ago

    amazing affordable shoes, what a shame it won’t ship to Australia

  13. KNY 3 years ago

    sooooooo nice – keep dreaming!

  14. doogs 4 years ago


  15. sbooth29
    sbooth29 4 years ago

    they are stunning!

  16. sommy7
    sommy7 4 years ago

    I am sure her shoe line will go well-lovely girl

  17. adeni 4 years ago

    Oh my goodness… those shoes are amazing. Just going to go stalk ebay for them now. And Rachael as always is stunning <3

  18. Fashionis_blows
    Fashionis_blows 4 years ago

    She’s so beautiful and the shoes look awesome.

  19. SuzyM11
    SuzyM11 4 years ago

    I love Rachel, i think she is fantastic!

  20. candicelee22 4 years ago

    She is gorgeous!

  21. iees 4 years ago

    Seriously, why dont they ship to Australia… they are so beautiful!

  22. Whatthe 4 years ago

    My daughter wants to join this site because of Rachel!

  23. mzluvinkhim 4 years ago

    so many amazing shoes!

  24. KatP 4 years ago

    I love R.B!

  25. lovelyloves 4 years ago

    She is so pretty!

  26. violetflower61230
    violetflower61230 4 years ago

    Love Rachel and I love the shoes!

  27. Tashie 4 years ago

    Shoes look great!

  28. spunkx
    spunkx 4 years ago

    This whole thing is just one big tease!!

  29. juliew 4 years ago

    very pretty

  30. thugsy 4 years ago


  31. bardie 4 years ago

    I love Rachel Bilson

  32. ang43@hotmail.com 4 years ago

    Rachel Rocks… Love her!!!

  33. darling 4 years ago

    wow awesome shoes and I LOVE Rachel Bilson

  34. chrystal 4 years ago

    wont it ship here, that’s a shame

  35. a2camillz@hotmail.com 4 years ago

    thats unfortunate, they’re affordable

  36. Fashionista8P
    Fashionista8P 4 years ago

    she is so pretty

  37. Myra
    myra00 4 years ago


  38. AmberB 4 years ago

    I agree, Rachel is soo beautiful!

  39. ichigolove01 4 years ago

    Rachel looks great in this vid!

    1. comebacks
      comebacks 4 years ago

      I agree, her hair is just stunning!

  40. traanster 4 years ago

    I am so envious of Rachel. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  41. maydaymaydayy 4 years ago


  42. hausoftina
    hausoftina 4 years ago

    Such a shame that it won’t ship to Australia! <3

    1. newbie
      newbie 3 years ago


  43. GoodThanks
    GoodThanks 4 years ago

    Rachel is sooo gorgeous!

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