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Winter skincare tips feature

10 Commandments That Will Save Your Skin This Season

  BY: ERIN DONOVAN Winter is the season of dryness, itchiness and flakiness…gross! And by the time Spring rolls around, chilly temperatures and several months of toasty indoor heating will have taken their toll on […]…

best products for healthy hair

The 5 Hair Care Products You Need To Be Using

BY: ERIN DONOVAN Someone very wise once said, ‘My mood depends on how great my hair looks’. It makes sense then that nothing strikes fear into the heart of women like the prospect of a […]…

how to do eyeliner feature

How To Do Winged Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

BY: BASMAH QAZI Eyeliner: the ancient style of makeup to make your eyes appear more elongated and sultry. But let’s face it, it’s also the bane of our existence. We all know how it goes, […]…

how to wake up looking your best feature

How To Wake Up Looking Your Best

BY: BASMAH QAZI  Raise your hand if you’ve woken up before your significant other to slap on some makeup so it appears that you “woke up like this?”. While it may sound like a crazy […]…

bargain beauty tips

How To Make The Most Out Of Budget Makeup

BY: BASMAH QAZI We’ve all been there. Standing in Sephora, contemplating whether or not to spend your grocery money on makeup -or you know, be responsible and put down the basket full of lipsticks in […]…