How to Make Your Apartment Look More Chic

how to make your apartment look more chic

#3 – Lavish Curtains

While curtains might seem decidedly not chic, this VERY much depends on the curtains you go for. As it turns out, the right curtains can be completely transformative and stylish, creating the feeling of luxury that you sense in a high-end hotel or retail boutique. Switching simple blinds for the right curtains, will add texture and a whole new dimension to your space.

For ideas, quality curtains can be purchased from Direct Blinds, who provide a whole range of different styles, colours and materials to match your apartment’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for a light as a feather sheer drape, or a hotel-style blockout blind, adding curtains to your home is one of the fastest ways to make the space look utterly Pinterest-worthy.

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