BWA Takes A Trip To Bespoke PR For my-wardrobe

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A little while ago we took a trip out to Bespoke PR to peep the latest pieces to hit their showroom from my latest online addiction

If you are not familiar with My Wardrobe, think Acne, Phillip Lim, Chloe, Tibi, Preen and so many more!

The e-tailer has clearly become a blogger favorite with some of Australia’s biggest flocking to the site including Shine by Three, Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper.

As always it was an absolute joy to meet the team and we are excited to hear that my-wardrobe’s founder and CEO will be heading down under for Fashion Week!

Check out a sneak peek below or risk taking a gander at the site, prepare to lose hours of your life!

Images belong to Breakfast With Audrey courtesy of Tash Williams 






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  1. dj23249 3 years ago

    So bright and cheerful

  2. BellaB 3 years ago

    Strikinng pieces.

  3. dj23249 3 years ago

    Vibrant eye catching colours

  4. thugsy 3 years ago


  5. doogs 3 years ago


  6. bardie 3 years ago

    I just wasted hours of my life 😉

  7. jarjar 3 years ago


  8. MelanieLilly 3 years ago

    that necklace….!

  9. AmberB 3 years ago

    Love that jewelled bag

  10. Zerotolove 3 years ago

    Drooooooling! x

  11. lara.heaton 3 years ago


  12. dapperdolly 3 years ago

    I like their prints and use of embellishments!

  13. julzjulzz 3 years ago

    Loving everything !!!! <3

  14. fayzeedayzee 3 years ago

    love the tartan.. and the natural gemstones :)

  15. newbie
    newbie 3 years ago


  16. punkemohardcore 3 years ago

    That green jumper looks great

  17. candicelee22 3 years ago

    Love the necklaces x

  18. fifi73 3 years ago

    Hmm not my style really…

  19. ichigolove01 3 years ago

    That bag is absolutely gorgeous

  20. flossyfewclothes
    flossyfewclothes 3 years ago

    OMG..I love that Tartan bejewelled bag!!!

  21. sommy7
    sommy7 3 years ago

    All so beautiful and colourful

  22. maggielyly 3 years ago

    love the mint sweater!

  23. traanster 3 years ago

    I love it <3

    1. newbie
      newbie 3 years ago


  24. chrystal 3 years ago

    very cute

    1. newbie
      newbie 3 years ago

      adorable hey

  25. spunkx
    spunkx 3 years ago

    Oh yes, I’ve been obsessed with this site for a while now!! So in love with the jewel detailing on that bag!!

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