8 Of The Most Useful Products To Fix Your Dry Hair


As much as we love the heat, the salt, and the sand during summer, one thing is for sure – we hate the dry hair that comes with it.

Whether it’s seasonal dehydration, or your hair just suffers from over use of styling tools, no one wants to see the split ends and frizz that results. Swapping out your usual hair care products for those with extra nourishment is the first step to combating your dry hair woes. And if you’re really committed to fixing your dry hair for good, nothing beats hydration-packed hair oils and serums which will reverse even the most brittle strands.

Keep reading to discover which 8 products will help to fix dry hair and give it that silky smooth feel we all want..


#1 – Sachajuan Shine Serum, $40

This shine serum combines conditioning ingredients to help combat dry, lacklustre hair. Not only does it heal damaged hair over time, but it acts as an immediate heat protectant and de-tangler. After application (and with repeated use) you will notice more shine and volume in your locks than ever before.

Buy it at Sephora

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