Bondi Sands ‘Liquid Gold Gradual Tan’ – Before & After Review


Sure, summer may be officially and depressingly o-v-e-r, but that makes right now the perfect time to find your newest favourite self-tanner for the cooler months. Autumn is exactly when we all start losing our tans and yet the weather is still nice enough (at least sometimes) for bare limbs, warm-weather outfits and outdoorsy activities.

If like me, you have no desire to give up your summer glow, or if you’re also like me and are naturally white as a ghost, then you’ll want to find a great self-tanner – and religiously stick to using it.

I have always been a huge fan of Bondi Sands – their best-selling self tanning foam and liquid gold dry tanning oil are best sellers for a reason, and they can be relied on to deliver that skin-perfecting deep golden glow that’s just perfect for the height of summer.

However, just when I thought the guys at Bondi Sands had pretty much nailed the self-tanning game, I was treated to a new sneak peak of their latest exciting innovation…

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tan Review

Enter, Bondi Sands ‘Liquid Gold Gradual Tan (available at Priceline and the Bondi Sands website!)

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