Here Are The 10 Beauty Products You Can Give Up Forever!


With millions of beauty products on the market, it can be difficult to realise which ones you need. And if, like us, you don’t have Kim Kardashian’s beauty budget, you may find your bathroom and dressing table drowning in half-used products that both you and your bank account are regretting.

We’ve ignored the tempting adverts, and done the research for you to find out which products you need and to which you can say au revoir.

Read on to see which beauty products you should say goodbye to forever…


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#1 Neck Creams

What’s so different between your neck and your face? Not a lot. Anything you can use on your face can just as easily be used on your neck and décolletage, sparing you the clutter and cost of purchasing different creams for different (yet very similar) body parts. The same principle applies to hand, foot and leg creams- one good body lotion will work perfectly for all these areas.

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