6 Beauty Mistakes That Add Years To Your Face


Beauty mistakes and the wrong makeup techniques can add years to your face, throwing those anti-ageing skincare routines out the window!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like the perfect red lip or a totally on point cat eye, to lift our spirits and help us conquer the day. The plain simple truth is, nailing our make-up game makes us look AND feel good – even if we are running on less than 3 hours sleep.

But did you know that some of your make-up habits could be working against you? Rather than enhancing our beauty and rewinding the years, the wrong makeup habits can just as easily erase all the good work done by skincare rituals and enhancements.

Using the wrong application techniques or products that don’t suit you, is the shortcut to an unflattering look that drags your features down (disaster!).

From sparse brows to going too heavy on the concealer, here are 6 ageing beauty mistakes – and how to fix them ASAP!

ageing beauty mistakes

Mistake #1 – Neglecting your eyebrows

There is a reason why brows are still having their moment in the spotlight. Well-defined eyebrows have the ability to completely transform your face, and unless you’re blessed in the brow department à la Cara Delevingne you should be filling them in.

Thin over-plucked brows with sharp edges have the tendency to make your face look harsher and more angular, while thick fuller brows give a more sophisticated yet youthful appearance.

An easy way to give your face a youthful life is to keep brows well groomed and defined. Not sure which product to use? We suggest the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($38.00). The thin waxy tip is perfect for creating natural thin strokes that mimic the look of brow hairs.