Beauty How-to: Tips and Tricks To Clear A Breakout – FAST!

1. Cleansing

How to clear a breakout FAST!


#Myth: Squeaky clean means less pimples!

For some reason, we all feel compelled to pull out the most soapy, foamy and drying cleansers when we see a pimple forming. These kinds of products do not assist in reducing the inflammation at the root of your breakout, and instead can weaken your skin’s natural barriers. This can often increase the time taken to clear a breakout with post-inflammatory pigmentation becoming more pronounced.

#Truth: Gentle is always best.

To clear a breakout fast, opt for a gel-based cleanser that contains minimal fragrance and foam, and only wash your skin morning and night. Don’t be afraid of the natural oils that form on your face, they are also working hard to soothe your skin.

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