7 Things Your Wardrobe Will Thank You For Throwing Out

things to eradicate fro your wardrobe - going out top

#1 Going Out Tops

If you’re still wearing your best “Going Out Top” with your low-rise flares and extra-pointy toe heels then it’s probably time you staged your own fashion intervention  (no-one can save you from this but yourself). While the mid-2000s weren’t so long ago really, we’ve come a loooooong way fashion-wise since then. There was a time when we all obsessed over needing more ‘Going Out Tops’ – the sparklier, the strappier, the better. We wore them everywhere, from shopping trips to long nights dancing with friends. Those days are over though, and so are ‘Going Out Tops’ – it’s not too late to save yourself, throw them out now before it is.

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