How To Wear A Brooch, The Modern Way

No longer reserved for grandmamas and vintage clothing lovers, the brooch is back. Today the brooch is spotted on an array of chic and classy outfits, and it’s the perfect accessory to elevate and bring elegance to any ensemble.

Whether dotted onto a lapel, adding attitude to a leather jacket, scattered around collars, or clipped onto a beret, brooches are a truly stylish way to add individualism and creativity to your look.

While most other jewellery is worn only in the way it’s intended, there are several uniquely modern ways to wear brooches to match your personal style.

With the cooler weather on our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to jump on the trend and give this piece of jewellery a try.

For inspiration on wearing brooches the modern way, keep reading!

how to wear brooches

#1 – Style your outerwear

Brooches are the perfect ornament to add flair and customisation to your outerwear. From simple and classic to elaborate and eccentric, adding a brooch to your outerwear is an unexpected way to take your outfit to the next level.

Whether you opt for something boldly designer or go for something with a little bling like this from Boho, a brooch looks especially stunning on a coat or blazer. They’re an easy way to dress up a sweater or a denim jacket also!

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how to wear brooches

#2 – Dress up your hat

Berets have found their way back into the most stylish wardrobes lately, and they’ve become the ultimate statement for Autumn/Winter. An effortless yet gorgeous way to dress them up is to add a brooch or two on the side.

Whether you opt for a sculptural metallic piece or swing to the other end of the spectrum with a vintage style cameo brooch, the ability to customise your look is endless.

how to wear brooches

#3 – Style up your bag

Redefine a boring bag, a plain purse or an evening clutch with a few brooches. Simply add your favourite pieces to the bag to turn it into something seriously street style worthy.

Not only does adding a piece of jewellery make the bag look and feel like new, it also turns your accessories into something totally unique that no one can copy.

how to wear a brooch

#4 – Hold a scarf in place

Adding a brooch to a scarf is not only stylish, it’s practical. For floral and plaid scarves, you may want to opt for a simple brooch, while ornate brooches are more appropriate for solid colours.

Imagine a silk and sleek scarf draped around your shoulders and held in place with a classic vintage or boho inspired brooch. Glam and functionality rolled into one!

#5 – Highlight your neckline

This bold way to wear multiple brooches at once takes an otherwise simple shirt up a notch. Artfully displaying several stylish pieces at once looks stunning on a white shirt, but you can use the same trick on dresses and patterned fabrics.

Your brooch options here are endless. If you’re feeling extra, you can dapple your collar in bold and shiny jewels or bold flowers, this will turn your outfit from casual to glam in an instant.

how to wear brooches

#6 – Add a sparkle to your shirt cuff

More playful than a necklace and more sophisticated than a pair of earrings — you can have fun with how to style your brooch and still remain chic. Add crystal embellished pieces to cuffs, or use bright and shiny pearl brooches as cuff-links to bring interest to your dress shirt …the only difference is, wearing brooches like this are much prettier!

how to wear brooches

#7 – Personalise your shoes

Get an embellished, couture look for less by attaching a jewelled brooch or two to your shoes. Plain pumps or sandals can be easily elevated with pretty brooches that give a designer finish. The right pieces with quality design will make any outfit look expensive and luxe.

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