7 Essential Questions Brides Must Ask Their Wedding Photographer

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Question #2 – Have you worked at our venue before?

Every wedding venue is uniquely beautiful in its own way. Yet it takes experience and familiarity to make the unique features and idiosyncrasies of your venue shine in photographs.

The better your photographer knows the venue, the better equipped they are to find all the best locations and lighting to create images with wow factor. They’ll know the perfect spot for a kiss framed by the setting sun, or which window gets the best light to make the bride’s gown truly dazzle.

Moreover, if your photographer knows the location well, they will be on great terms with the staff and know the specific rhythms of the venue. This will allow them to do their job with a minimum of disruption to the carefully orchestrated timings of the service itself. 

If your photographer doesn’t know the venue, they may be tempted to play it safe in their photography and this can only result in tepid and generic images no matter how talented your photographer may be normally.   

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