The Five Breakfast Habits You Need To Break Up With Immediately

Ah, breakfast! The backbone of every day, a meal so beloved that it can be eaten twice without complaint, but still taken for granted by the best of us. As we gear up for a fantastic summer ahead, it only makes sense to re-engineer our habits to help us reach our goals – whether that’s more productivity at work, a better handle on our moods, or a body ready and raring for summer activities.

What better way to approach these targets than by doing away with any self-sabotaging habits that have crept into the first part of our day.

Keep reading to learn the 5 breakfast habits you need to ditch for good!

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#1- But first, coffee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re springing for a marked-up latte or saving money brewing at home – if your only morning fuel is a cup of coffee, you’re not only undoing all the work that expensive serum put in last night, but likely harming your stomach lining! 


#2 – Too Convenient To Be Good

So you may have figured out that a liquid breakfast won’t cut it, but you haven’t quite come around to the concept of a full breakfast either – a quick snack should do the trick, yes? Not really. The super-processed, high sugar and salt snacks (even in the seemingly healthy options at the supermarket) are usually low on nutritional value and fibre, and spell disaster for your energy levels come mid-morning. Plus, why settle for a breakfast biscuit if you could really go for something heartier and flavoursome?

#3- Low-fat Anything

You checked all the labels, and you’re convinced you’ve made the right choice by going for anything that promises the least of the dreaded F word… FAT. Ever wondered how the French stay so trim despite consuming more cheese than any other nation? Fat isn’t the problem, the details of “what, how, how much and when” in your food habits is where the devil lies. 

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#4- Meal-prep Overkill

Even though meal-prepping has its benefits, “the fresher, the better” is a general rule in healthy cooking that’s been overlooked a little by the meal-prep craze. You should be eating at least one meal a day that doesn’t have to be brought back to life, and despite the arguments about saving money on lunch, or not having to make food exhaustedly at night, breakfast should be the one meal not coming out of a cold Tupperware.

No more making excuses to yourself about why you can’t have the fabulous breakfast you deserve! If you’re always pressed for time or feel too groggy to cook, delivery services like Deliveroo send hassle-free breakfasts in the time it takes to get ready for work.

#5- Mindlessness

The richest of breakfasts, whether delivered from your favourite restaurant or made at home, won’t stand a chance at being truly enjoyed if you’re up to your nose in notifications while shovelling in bites. Part of breakfast’s appeal lies in the partaking of food in a beautiful, calm environment created not only around us but within us.

Simple things like a pleasant tablecloth, flowers or small plants are great for levelling-up an area and increasing your appreciation for the time and space in which you eat before taking on the day’s challenges. So, bring out the cute table settings, open the window, play some nice music, put away the phone and savour the plate!  


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