Street Style: London Fashion Week Fall 2012 RTW

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As we say goodbye to New York fashion week and hello to London, this doesn’t mean we must farewell the fabulous street style too.

Our favourite bloggers and fashion industry heavyweights have brought their killer style and enviable designer goods with them to the UK to continue to show us more and more amazing fashion on the streets.

So far we’ve seen similar trends to those we saw in New York, such as printed pants, vibrant, neon colours and must-have, designer accessories.

Check out the gallery of street style snaps from the first few days of London Fashion Week below.

Images: HarpersBazaar AU,

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Sparkles17 2 years ago Love the styles! good ideas!
becci19 2 years ago these all look fab :)
itutuh 2 years ago like the style
itutuh 2 years ago Simple and cheeky
itutuh 2 years ago Very nice
itutuh 2 years ago very cute
lizzie77 2 years ago lovely fashion
greengal 2 years ago nice outfit
twinkles2804 2 years ago some nice stuff there
lucm 2 years ago ♥ street style
deezon 2 years ago when I get money my trip to London all I'm going to do is shop Shop SHOP!
sommy7 2 years ago Streets ahead :)
ladadidah 2 years ago oh London
thugsy 2 years ago coooooool
doogs 2 years ago loving it
bardie 2 years ago pretty
jarjar 2 years ago nice
Tessa 2 years ago adore Poppy.
adnrew 2 years ago Great!
Claireo 2 years ago Love it!
juliew 2 years ago fantastic fashions
bubsarella 2 years ago Londoners know how to rock it! I luv how they play with proportions, layers, prints, & styles - it's a total mash-up! I've recently realised i'm living in the wrong country & would be much better suited to the UK: my Finnish background, pale skin & light eyes make it impossible to enjoy the incredibly bright sun & horrific humidity... why the damn am I going on about this crap?? Probably because i'm in luv with London ... Anyway I luv styles 10 & 12 :-)
lizzie77 2 years ago love the inspiration
ichigolove01 2 years ago I love the coat in 24
Ian 2 years ago so cool, love the suit and bow tie
dapperdolly 2 years ago Interesting, it's all abit too mismatched to me though.
chocolatelace 2 years ago love!
lynn 2 years ago so chic! love it
KNY 2 years ago Great styles, love it.
aalana 2 years ago awesome!
juliew 2 years ago love the fashion
Zerotolove 2 years ago So many inspirational looks! x
sommy7 2 years ago love the printed pants
sappheire 2 years ago lots of colour lots of fun
punkemohardcore 2 years ago I'm rather liking no. 28's pants and 30's boots are pretty interesting.
mandystsai 2 years ago Some wonderful combinations
AmberB 2 years ago Some really cool outfits here!
ragdollbaby 2 years ago Love #27
midnightstarfish 2 years ago thanks a lot of inspiration :)
kiccules 2 years ago i love those purple tights I wish i could pull them off
KatP 2 years ago A lot of inspiration
jessielee 2 years ago street fashion <3
Tashie 2 years ago Love the first look!
linhyy 2 years ago loving the printed pants
lieuloves 2 years ago love this post
Viggy 2 years ago The 2nd pic on the last row is the only one I like
balibabe7 2 years ago Fabulous outfits :)
juju91 2 years ago This is awesome
Whatthe 2 years ago They do it well.
Crystal 2 years ago gorgeous outfits!
Christy 2 years ago loving 1 and 23's fashion sense!
candicelee22 2 years ago I love street fashion, very natural
GoodThanks 2 years ago I love the street style gallerys.. alot of inspiration.
violetflower61230 2 years ago cool